North Evia, The Plan, part I english subs

An hour and twenty minutes with testimonies and documents that prove how a fire that could have been contained in time, managed with zero wind and “non-extinguishing orders”, to burn more than 52 thousand acres of land.
Forests, animals, villages, crops, the toils of a lifetime were left to their fate and turned to ashes by a government which expelled the inhabitants from their villages while never taking care of the protection of the forests or the fire. Instead, it plans to invest in new land, in the name of “development” and “reconstruction”.
In the second part, we prove “why” North Evia and its people’s livelihood and dreams got burned.

The Plan is an independent creation of Nelli Psarrou and Ioannis Lazarou, based on the financial support of all.

All the music heard in our film was kindly provided by their creators, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

You can choose to view it with English or Greek subtitles.

North Evia, The Plan, part II

Northern Evia, The Plan, 2nd part: “Party of Synergies”

After fourteen months of research, the task we assumed, to showcase the causes of the huge disaster Northern Evia faced in the summer of 2021, has been completed.

The result was two documentaries; the first, entitled “8 tenths and a report”, presents through testimonies by locals “how” Northern Evia was burned, and it is freely available since April. People welcomed it warmly and it has already had 360,000 views, with no advertising, as the creators are a small group of independent researchers, with scant resources, and themselves fire-stricken as well (from Limni, which burned down in the fire).

The 2nd part, entitled “Party of Synergies”, looks into “why” forests, villages, animals and crops were left to burn in Northern Evia in August 2021, through analyses, testimonies and documents, as well as what the government and corporations are preparing for the area, and since when this plan has been prepared. It is a scandal that involves land use change, industrial zones and wind parks.

We should highlight that this documentary focuses on Northern Evia, but is relevant for all of the country. The studies that were deposed a few days ago by association Diazoma, of Stavros Benos, include the following: “the loftiest aim of the Programme is to implement a wide reformative plan of regrowth in Northern Evia, which will become the trigger for its transference in the entire country”.

For this task of ours, we depended on support from the people. A few days ago, we renewed our call for financial support, since we are still trying to cover the costs of the two documentaries. Thousands of you honored us by watching and supporting our efforts for the truth regarding Northern Evia to sign. Even a really minimal support from you is important, since it also involves an element of ethical reward, apart from material assistance, which is summarized in our motto: “a few from many, and not many from a few”.

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We wish that this research will arouse our fellow citizens and that we all collectively act so that we realize our own visions.
We thank you for your support in all of our steps thus far.