“The Plan” – “to Schedio” A Documentary for North Euboea Part1:”Εight-tenths and report”


An hour and twenty minutes with testimonies and documents that prove how a fire that could have been contained in time, managed with zero wind and “non-extinguishing orders”, to burn more than 52 thousand acres of land.
Forests, animals, villages, crops, the toils of a lifetime were left to their fate and turned to ashes by a government which expelled the inhabitants from their villages while never taking care of the protection of the forests or the fire. Instead, it plans to invest in new land, in the name of “development” and “reconstruction”.
In the second part, which will be ready soon, we will prove “why” North Evia and its people’s livelihood and dreams got burned.

The Plan is an independent creation of Nelli Psarrou and Ioannis Lazarou, based on the financial support of all.

All the music heard in our film was kindly provided by their creators, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

You can choose to view it with English or Greek subtitles.

Νelly Psarrou

Νelly Psarrou studied Political Science at Panteion University of Athens. She later obtained an MA and PhD with the thesis “National Identity in the Era of Globalization” under a Marie Curie-TMR scholarship. She thereafter worked as a lecturer, both at Rethymnon University and Greek Open University, until 2008. Since then she has extensively worked on political and social research as well as journalism. As such, she has contributed to various newspapers and websites, hosted radio shows and publishing material on her personal website.
She has published three books in Greek, namely the “National Identity in the Era of Globalization” (Govostis publications), “Journey to Samothrace”, and “12 years in Prison”.
She has also produced two documentaries: “Golfland” (for the rapid development of touristic Golf Clubs in Greece) and “Drops” (Greek: “Stagones”, for the privatization of water in Greece).
Her most recent research is “Mandatory Vaccination: Justice and Bioethics”.
All her work can be found freely on her website, www.nellypsarrou.com

North Evia “The Plan”- Trailer 2nd

North Evia: “The Plan”

Documentary for the destruction of North Evia in the wildfires of August 2021.

The destruction of North Evia is being mourned worldwide. More than 600,000 acres were burned out in a 8-days fire, mostly advancing with no wind! 70% of Greece’s pine-tree honey was produced here, and 70% of pine tar! Not to mention  olive oil or wine production. Its total destruction signifies not only the loss of a wild dense forest and cultivation land but, most importantly, the loss of a lifestyle in simplicity and harmony with the environment and a paradigm for “urban people” in their quest for solutions to the climate crisis. This disaster, even if it wasn’t predetermined, it was certainly allowed to happen. So are the floods – that everybody is afraid of right now.

How and why Evia’s natural wealth was lost? What is the future of the locals there, and what are the plans of the government and companies for the area?

In this documentary-in-progress, we will investigate and answer these questions. However, we need your help in order to accomplish the task.

Visit our website to find out more about the project and us, the creators and researchers:


Go to our crowdfunding platform to support us:

Please, spread the word for our work. We need to finish this documentary before winter comes, so we have a very strict timeline! Our work will be freely upload on through our YouTube channel.


“The Plan” – “to Schedio” A Documentary for North Euboea

The destruction of North Euboea is being mourned in Greece and beyond. Its a total destruction, which even if it wasn’t predetermined, it was certainly allowed to happen.


We introduce this investigative site «The Plan» (gr: To Schedio) with a documentary, or to be more precise, a document, as on how and why Euboea’s natural wealth was lost, and why the recourses of people who chose to live in simplicity and in harmony with nature, were wiped out.


We decided to document the events by asking those who witnessed them, the actual people who fought fire and saved their villages and livelihoods.

We decided to present the true testimony of these people, so as memory is preserved before propaganda prevails.


With a camera literally on hand we travel to familiar places of our childhood, and witness how the memories of a lifetime were turned into mourning.

To our sorrow, we realize that some people have decided that this natural beauty, and the way of life that accompanied it, must not be revitalized.

Nonetheless, the locals of North Euboea have not spoken yet. They must have the final word.


We are here to document their voices, emotions, agony, experience and fears. We will not focus on an effort to produce an immaculate “artistic” documentary through specialized technicians, even though we do not underestimate such expertise. Rather, our focus is on rapidly chronicle the actual events, before people’s grievances are forgotten.


Greece’s Prime Minister’s claimed that the devastating fires were a result of climate crisis. However, there is strong evidence to indicate not only the hypocrisy of his claims (meaning that he deliberately used the issue of “climate crisis” as an excuse), but also the fact that his government is been largely engaged in policies that degrade the environment and destroy nature in order to serve political and economic interests. In that respect, the complete destruction of more than 500,000 acres of forest and cultivated land can be explained not only by the absence of authorities’ support during the fires, but also by the “day after” of the destruction. Measures taken and laws enacted on the aftermath of the fires offer a clear indication on who is responsible for them and, mainly, who is to benefit!


Your help is crucial in order to secure basic needs for this project i.e. traveling costs, gear, editing, translation and subtitling etc.) so that we can proceed quickly and effectively.


We hope and plan to have this documentary completed already by mid November 2021. This can only be made possible through your help, which will provide the “fuel” for such a precious production.

We do not wish nor seek to be burdened by a sole sponsor for obvious reasons. Hence, we call out to the portion of the general public who is potentially interested and supportive of our mission.

It is understood, that whoever contributes to this project will do so on a condition of trust towards the creators of this documentary and will not seek to interfere with their work. We have a record that proves the independence of our research and our commitment to the people that supported us in similar projects in the past. This record is our previous documentaries, both on issues related to politics and the environment.


We certainly hope that your contribution comes sooner rather than later, as we want to complete this documentary as soon as possible. This is a promise that we made to the people in Euboea.


Other means of Support


You can support in more ways should you wish to do so.

You can provide evidence, testimonies, information, you can share our material with friends, notify those around you, organize screenings, inform groups of people or organizations of our research. In this sense, you can function as a piece of information chain regarding the dangers that threaten North Euboea. Dangers that persist, even after the destructive wildfires of August 2021.


Once the documentary is complete, it will be freely distributed throughout the internet. As mentioned above, you are encouraged to watch it with friends and organize screenings and promote it in any way you deem possible.

It is imperative that this is done in a non-commercial manner, i.e. without ticket or intention for any sort of financial gain. The sole purpose of any such event must be to freely support the people in North Euboea.

Ioannis Lazarou

Ioannis Lazarou was born in Athens. He studied painting in Rennes, France, and following a period of travel in several European countries, he continued his fine arts studies in Wuppertal, Germany, on “techniques of Renaissance Painting” and other similar fields. He has had many personal exhibitions in Greece and abroad, and many of his paintings became book hardcovers for several major Greek publishing houses. Works of his are part of private collections in Greece and internationally.

He has also collaborated with many major international conferences of Athens and Paris Diderot Universities and taught in special educational programs of Regional Authority of Attica. He is the founder of the cultural organization “Ef Ton Morfon”, though which he hosted multiple events of all arts in collaboration with other significant Cultural Organizations and publications.

He also worked for international programs of the European Arts Centre (EUARCE), namely, for the World Literature Conference of 2004, on “the defense of small languages facing Globalization” – L’Association Internationale de la Critique Littéraire (AICL – France), the first Global Conference on “Musical Civilization of Byzantium” under the direction of Pittsburgh University (USA). In addition, he collaborated with several other Cultural Festivals in Greece and beyond.
As a Journalist, he worked as book reviewer for Greek regional publications, in addition of being a correspondent, among other roles.

In 2011, he founded the news and research website plateiaradio, which also included an e-radio station. Under this banner, he hosted representatives of major social movements that resisted the austerity policies of EU/IMF/ECB that were imposed on Greece. Under the nickname “the Night Type” (gr: Nychterinos Typos) he conducted major research on subjects such as eugenics, globalization, the Monsanto company, the chemo-pharmaceutical industry and its relation with Nazism and the EU, roots and activity of WWF, its relation to intelligence services etc. Following the retreat of the anti-austerity social movements, plateiaradio seized to exist. Lately, he collaborated with Nelly Psarrou on researching the issue of mandatory vaccination and bioethics, while writing for the rise of dystopian society, the subsequent coercion and authoritarianism.

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