North Evia: “The Plan”

Documentary for the destruction of North Evia in the wildfires of August 2021.

The destruction of North Evia is being mourned worldwide. More than 600,000 acres were burned out in a 8-days fire, mostly advancing with no wind! 70% of Greece’s pine-tree honey was produced here, and 70% of pine tar! Not to mention  olive oil or wine production. Its total destruction signifies not only the loss of a wild dense forest and cultivation land but, most importantly, the loss of a lifestyle in simplicity and harmony with the environment and a paradigm for “urban people” in their quest for solutions to the climate crisis. This disaster, even if it wasn’t predetermined, it was certainly allowed to happen. So are the floods – that everybody is afraid of right now.

How and why Evia’s natural wealth was lost? What is the future of the locals there, and what are the plans of the government and companies for the area?

In this documentary-in-progress, we will investigate and answer these questions. However, we need your help in order to accomplish the task.

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Please, spread the word for our work. We need to finish this documentary before winter comes, so we have a very strict timeline! Our work will be freely upload on through our YouTube channel.


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