More than 60,000 hectares were burned out in a 8-days fire, mostly advancing with no wind! 60% of Greece’s pine-tree honey was produced here, and 80% of pine tar! Not to mention olive oil or wine production.

The locals face the disaster everywhere they look. They mourn the loss of a lifestyle in simplicity and harmony with the environment. And they blame the government and specific interests in this disaster, which the determine as planed.

In this documentary, divided in two parts, their voice is heard for the first time. On the first part, their witness is there so that everybody learns what happened. On the second part, a thorough investigation reveals the plans for the area, as well as the exact time that these plans were made.

This 2-parts documentary is based on the financial support of the people. We need your support to cover all the costs of this work (expenses, traveling, gear, salaries), on a low-cost basis, and to keep informing our fellow citizens through public screenings followed by discussions.

The first part is already uploaded, for the free information of all, which is our primary goal. The second is to be published soon. Contrary to the usual crowdfunding custom, we publish our work and ask for your support based on the outcome that we present. As a matter of fact, we come from Limni, of Northern Evia, therefore the publication of these events has been our commitment and a contribution to our land.

Our aim is to help the locals stand on their feet again, by lifting their moral and aiding them to claim what is theirs.

You can watch the first part, here (english and Italian subtitles)

You can watch the trailers of the first and the second part, here: